CEO Wolfgang Neu discusses electronic assembly with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS staff.

SMART MCM Test Components


Our Multi-Channel Modules (MCM) ensure effective and economical measurement, simulation and stimulation. We have developed our top of the range series specifically for the high demands of modern industry. We regularly augment our top range with new modules, developing ingenious technical solutions which both amaze and delight our customers; we invite you to take advantage of the top MCM system.

Start with a small, cost-effective module and upgrade piece by piece up to several hundred channels. All MCM modules can be seamlessly integrated with each other, and when required, upgraded to a high-performance real-time system. The MCM modules also impress with their compact design, highest safety specifications according to automotive standards and full synchronization of all channels - even across device boundaries.

Our Test Components

Solenoid value measurement

Sensorless coil temperature measurement


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