Sensorless coil temperature measurement

Solenoid value measurement

With the coil temperature measuring device L-Temp, the temperatures in solenoid valves can be measured during operation. The measurement is sensorless, the L-Temp uses the coil as a temperature sensor. The operating temperatures within a test item can therefore be measured without modifying it. Different winding types are easily adjustable. In the basic version, the device has either one or two measuring channels, but can be expanded to up to 12 channels using the corresponding L-Temp plug-in module from the MCM family.

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Temperature observations on solenoid valves during operation.

  • Simple set-up and commissioning of the measurement technology thanks to sensorless measurement
  • Different coil types are easily adjustable
  • The measured temperature can be read directly on the unit via a three-digit display and transferred via an analogue output for external evaluation or recorded via a curve recorder
  • Basic unit, 1- or 2-channel basic configuration, modularly upgradeable to 3 - 12 channels with the L-Temp plug-in module
  • Display with channel selector switch for measuring range setting and temperature indication
  • High measuring accuracy over a wide temperature range
  • Two working ranges for coil resistance selectable
  • Automatic detection and handling of multiple coil activations (e.g. multiple injection)
  • Adjustable delay time for measurement start (measurement error elimination for eddy currents)

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