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The test system verifies the freezing robustness of urea injection systems. It provides the necessary control of the injection systems in a connected climate chamber and the associated measurement technology.

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Endurance test of urea injection systems in a climatic chamber.

The test system is divided into two parts for six test pieces each. Such a unit is called a BANK. Each BANK is controlled by a control computer (MCM MainControl). Each test object has its own, controllable power supply. Furthermore, each test object has its own hose heater. The test procedure is controlled by scripts.

Cummins Germany commissioned SMART TESTSOLUTIONS with the development and construction of a test system with which up to twelve SCR systems with original tubing can be operated in a large, walk-in climatic chamber. The test system, which is equipped with I/O components from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, operates the test items and technically integrates the climate chamber.

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