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The RDG-SIM simulates up to four wheel speed sensors in parallel. All conventional wheel speed sensors are programmable and can be completed by analogue signal driver. The RDG-SIM is easy to handle, only a few basic parameters have to be configured (number of channels, increment number, wheel circumference). It is available both as a single device in a desktop housing and as a 19-inch module.

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  • Development and testing of control units (e.g. ABS, ESP, ASR)
  • Development of application software independent of real sensors
  • Use in driving simulators
  • Environmental simulation on test benches (e.g. chassis test, vibration test bench)
  • Testing of sensor evaluation circuits
  • One module for all types of wheel encoders,  VDA-standardised data protocol
  • One to four channels, also mixed operation of different sensor types possible
  • Storage of channel-related speed curves (speed profiles)
  • Remote control via USB and CAN
  • The standard simulation reproduces the typical behaviour of the selected sensor type as well as the status codes supported by the real sensor
  • A limit error simulation allows the manipulation of amplitude and timing parameters even beyond the typical tolerance limits (signal range check and logical errors)
  • Available as a single device in a table housing and as a 19-inch assembly
  • Four independent channels simulation
  • Simulation of wheel-speed sensors of all current sensor types, from increment sensors to complex sensor types that work with PSI5 signals
  • Target of constant speeds and speed ramps
  • Simulation until 300 km/h
  • Up to 300 teeth per revolution
  • Adjustable wheel circumference between 1 and 2.5 m
  • Channel outputs individually switched off
  • Standard simulation: Reflects the typical behavior of the selected sensor type as well as the error codes supported by the real sensor

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