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ISIM-G2 integrates multi-channel rotary encoder simulation and an angle trigger generator for the operation of electronic control units on test benches . Based on the signals of an angle encoder attached to the the test bench drive shaft, the device generates the type of angle-and speed-synchronous signal profiles used by modern engine control units.

Crankshaft and camshaft signals are simulated with the correct angular reference from the first input pulse on the drive shaft. The ISIM-G2 can simulate various speed sensors including DG23i. The ISIM-G2 is operated via a modern, web-based interface.

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  • Real-time simulation of angle encoders or encoder wheels for the operation of evaluation electronics
  • Multi-channel control of actuators with dynamically adjustable start angle and optionally angle- or time-related duration
  • Extremely short set-up times for supplying incremental speed sensor signals
  • Permits rapid conversion of test bench to different engine or pump control systems
  • No need for complex, time-consuming mechanical setting operations Simulation of crankshaft/camshaft signals with correct angle reference right from the first input pulse on the drive shaft
  • Seamless simulation for both forward and reverse rotation
  • Input and output signals with adjustable levels and electrical isolation
  • Web-based user interface for highly convenient operation
  • Also simulates the latest speed sensors of start/stop systems (e.g. DG23i)
  • Angle-synchronous triggering of supplementary instrumentation with angle or time-referenced signal duration

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