Signal interface 16-channel 10A

Multichannel I/O Modules

With the MCM-K16DBI-10A module, up to 16 signal channels can be switched in each case to the two signal outputs. By the use of the relay, the individual channels are electrically isolated from each other.

The module is ideal for switching signals in test systems and test systems. The module is suitable for switching of average currents, as they occur in various amplifiers in engine control units. The construction of the module can optionally for example, a real and a simulated switched a signal to two loads. Further, the signal can be switched to two fail rails.

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  • ECU Testing / HiL Systems
  • Endurance testing / EOL tests
  • Test bench measurement and control technology
  • Rapid prototyping applications
  • 16 relay channels
  • Switching of input pins at two output pins
  • Switching the input pins on two error rails
  • Low contact resistance
  • Galvanic decoupling of each channel
  • Switching of up to 3 A
  • Continuous current of 8 A
  • Peak current of up to 10A
  • Remote control via CAN bus

In cooperation with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has developed a new generation of test stands that is characterised by exceptional flexibility and is easy to configure thanks to a lean script language and special drivers. In developing the system, the partners were able to draw on the existing range of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, which had a positive impact on costs.

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