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Multichannel I/O Modules

The MCM-MainControl V2 module extends the operative range of the system. With the integrated LVDS bus with optimized protocol, the IntelliProbes can be applied in high-speed applications.
By the use of the MainControl module, diverse functions are available. The equipment of the master module with a dual ARM Cortex A9 @ 666MHz as well as user-defined field programmable gate array (FPGA) as sytem on chip (SoC) enables sufficient reserves even for computationally intensive applications and data processing. The use of a realtime Linux kernel ensures high performance and stability. The providing of the SMART MCM process library with integrated LUA script interpreter allows a user-defined data processing, such as alarm events, numerical operations, protocol definitions, triggers, digital I/O.

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  • ECU Testing / HiL Systems
  • Endurance testing / EOL tests
  • Test bench measurement and control technology
  • Rapid prototyping applications
  • Built-in Real Time IO controller for real-time processing of the measured data
  • Connections for 1 x Ethernet 1000 Mbps, 1x CAN 2.0B, 2x 10 Mbps differential bus connections for data transfer, GPIO, supply. All connections via ODU MINI-SNAP
  • Master module with dual ARM Cortex A9 @ 666 MHz and freely programmable FPGA (SoC - System on Chip), Linux runtime system
  • MCM-Process lbrary with integrated LUA scriptinterpreter
  • Free definition of the output logs to master control system for CAN and Ethernet channels
  • Expansion slots for Mezzanine Boards
  • GPIO: 4x digital IN, 4x digital OUT, 1x trigger IN, 1x trigger OUT

Special Features:

  • Connection to AMS jBEAM for data visualization / logging / post processing
  • Software Suite MCM ControlDesk for configuration / visualization / logging available

In cooperation with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has developed a new generation of test stands that is characterised by exceptional flexibility and is easy to configure thanks to a lean script language and special drivers. In developing the system, the partners were able to draw on the existing range of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, which had a positive impact on costs.

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