Power Resistor Decade

Multichannel I/O Modules

High-resolution Power-R-decade with current and voltage measurement. Remote control via CAN.

Signal conditioning functions:
Voltage at the input of the load against ground, load current by current transformers, voltage drop across load resistor, all measuring points brought out for data acquisition, load switch capability to BAT+, BAT-, or OPEN, load switching between two pins (e.g. H-bridge), connected pin switchable against BAT+, BAT-.

Protection functions:
Overcurrent shutdown, overcurrent limit adjustable up to max. 25 A, current overload time adjustable up to max. 500 ms.

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  • ECU Testing / HiL Systems
  • Endurance testing / EOL tests
  • Test bench measurement and control technology
  • Rapid prototyping applications
  • A high-resolution decadal power resistance channel
  • Resistance range 0.5 Ω ... 800 Ω
  • Resolution 0.1 Ω
  • Accuracy <0.2 Ω +/- 1% of setting
  • Performance range
    • 1 Ω to 6,3Ω: 100 W
    • 6.4 Ω to 25.5 Ω: 50 W
    • 25.6 Ω to 819,2Ω: 15 W
  • Inductive Load 4.7 mH switchable for induction voltage generation
  • Any ext. Last in series connected
  • Remote control via CAN bus

In cooperation with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has developed a new generation of test stands that is characterised by exceptional flexibility and is easy to configure thanks to a lean script language and special drivers. In developing the system, the partners were able to draw on the existing range of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, which had a positive impact on costs.

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