Current sink / source 8-channel

Multichannel I/O Modules

MCM I08ABS module has eight independent channels, which can be operated as a current source or current sink. The channels are individually configurable in this case and have the opportunity to elect to work in current or voltage mode simulation. Two channels in addition have the ability to provide voltages up to 36 V at 100 mA output current, acting as a remote-controlled low-power constant.

The MCM-I08ABS module is ideal for stimulation or stress ECU channels such as in sensor inputs or the sensor supply. It is best equipped for use in harsh environments. Application areas include control device tester, component test benches and HIL systems.

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  • ECU Testing / HiL Systems
  • Endurance testing / EOL tests
  • Test bench measurement and control technology
  • Rapid prototyping applications
  • Eight configurable current / voltage channels
  • Four channels 0 ... 50 mA current sink
  • Four channels 0 ... 50 mA current source
  • Optional two channels 0 ... 36 V voltage source
  • Optional voltage per channel simulation 0 ... 10 V
  • All channels permanently short-circuit proof up to 24 V
  • All Channels external voltage up to 40 V
  • Settling time with a setpoint step better than 1 ms
  • Control via CAN bus

In cooperation with SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, ZF has developed a new generation of test stands that is characterised by exceptional flexibility and is easy to configure thanks to a lean script language and special drivers. In developing the system, the partners were able to draw on the existing range of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation, which had a positive impact on costs.

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