Crankshaft/camshaft simulation

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The speed simulation MultiSim MS3C-LAB serves the independent simulation of static, ramp or analog out speed waveforms. Main area of application is the simulation of Crankshaft/Camshaft speed encoders or industrial incremental encoders. The MultiSim offers this up to 8 parallel digital data tracks, 2 of which represent the course of the inductive encoder signal. In addition, it can be completely remote controlled via CAN and USB.

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Simulation of Crankshaft / Camshaft speed encoders or industrial incremental encoders

  • Speed sensor simulation unit in a 19 "desktop enclosure
  • Laboratory apparatus for static and dynamic simulation speed, trigger wheel and sensor analog simulation
  • Speed range 30 .. 6000 1/min.
  • 8 data tracks with 7200 points resolution
  • Ramp function with up to 28 nodes
  • Trigger wheel records read back
  • Full remote control via serial interface, firmware download capability

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