Monitoring Technology for
Fuel Cells and Electrolysers

The search for environmentally friendly yet economical drives and efficient storage technologies for renewable energies is more important today than ever before. Our e_Cell Electronics business unit is making an important contribution to this. The focus is on systems for monitoring and controlling bipolar electrochemical systems such as fuel cells, batteries, electrolysers and supercapacitors.

At SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, we recognized at an early stage the importance of high-performance energy storage systems and production of environmentally friendly energy. Our cutting-edge knowledge relates primarily to cell contacting (Cell Voltage Pickup/ CVP) and reliable monitoring of the cell voltages of fuel cells and accumulators. Our CVM systems are now in use in many countries around the world.

"We launched our first system for voltage monitoring on fuel cells and electrolysers more than 20 years ago. Since then, it has always been available - even in times when hydrogen technologies were not at the top of the agenda as they are today. We have continued to develop our CVM systems and high voltage measurement product lines."   Wolfgang Neu, CEO

Application Areas

  1. Batteries

    Our e_Cell Electronics products are used, among other things, in battery production for monitoring and analysis during production. Our systems score highly with their scalability to a very high number of measuring channels.

  2. Fuel Cells

    Our CVM measurement modules for monitoring the individual cell voltages in fuel cell stacks are now industry proven technology providing reliable measurement results even under harsh environmental conditions.

  3. Electrolysers

    Due to their large measuring range, our components are also used in the field of electrolysis. Here they monitor the voltages of the individual cells and thus contribute to process reliability.

  4. Transport & Mobility

    The e_Cell Electronics product range from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS includes all the components you need to monitor and test fuel cell systems. We combine them according to the requirements of your fuel cell stack and the planned application.

  5. Shipbuilding

    A significant part of our customer base in the CVM sector for many years, has been global shipbuilding both commercial and naval.

Components of a Cell Voltage Monitoring System

In addition to the electronics monitoring system, a CVM system usually comprises the cell contact (CVP), the necessary mechanics and the associated wiring harness. All components are adapted to the specific area of application and the individual conditions of the respective electrochemical stack.