CVM Accessories

The CVM solution CVM Ex is aimed at cell voltage monitoring in stationary applications. Important features are the explosion protection, which is realised by housing the measuring modules in an Atex-certified enclosure, as well as the modular design, which enables high scalability and individual customer adaptations.

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In order to operate an electrolyser safely at all times, the voltages of the individual electrolysis cells must always be kept in view. The monitoring of the cell voltage in the electrolyser extends the service life of the stack and keeps the cell voltages within the permissible range during the electrolysis process.

The compact and modular design of the CVM solutions allows us to install the monitoring system in an ATEX-certified housing, thereby addressing the issue of explosion protection.

Areas of application in detail:

  • Electrolysers
  • DC measuring range -1 ... 5 V, optionally -3 ... 3 V
  • 14 Bit Resolution
  • Input < 300 mV
  • Galvanic isolation of the measuring channels 1,400 VDC duration
  • Communication interfaces: CAN, CAN 2.0 B, ISO 11898, Ehternet max 1000 Mbis, Modbus/TCP
  • Integrated temperature sensor ±2 °C
  • Integrated cable break detection
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +105 °C
  • Explosion protection: Zone 2 with housing according to IEC 60079-7