High-voltage test system supports Industry 4.0 strategy

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Productizing customer praises our worldwide distribution

A visit to one of our customers in Switzerland showed us that we are on the right track with our demand for quality and manufacturing standards. The company offers process solutions for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement, for analytical measurements as well as measured value registration and digital communication. As part of our Productizing Services, the leading measurement technology manufacturer orders induction test systems from us for all of its worldwide locations.

But that's not all: In the meantime, we have also delivered the first two prototypes for a high-voltage test system, which is used to test the insulation resistance of   flowmeters. In the case of the high-voltage tester, the aim was also to further develop older devices developed in-house. The old high-voltage testers have already been in use for decades and are not Industrie 4.0-capable. Our task was therefore once again to improve and supplement the existing equipment so that the new systems support the customer's Industry 4.0 strategy. In addition, we developed and built a number of peripherals such as self-test adapters and an operator console. During the course of the project, we then decided, together with the customer, to integrate the adapter into the operator console. Since the project involved a high-voltage test system, there were also special requirements for the safety equipment.

Obviously, we also fulfilled the task to the customer's satisfaction in the case of the HV tester. Once again, it was not only the technical order processing that was praised, but also the organization of worldwide logistics for the individual locations. In the context of productizing, SMART takes care of the worldwide distribution of the systems with everything that goes with it. The individual departments can order directly from us, and the initiating specialist department of the customer can concentrate on other tasks.

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