New CVM measuring module also records current curves

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CVM IntelliProbe modulesare simply plugged into each other

Stuttgart, August 2022. The "IntelliProbe U02" measuring modules from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS make it possible to record the current curve in a fuel cell stack synchronously with the individual cell voltages. The Stuttgart-based specialist for technologies for cell voltage monitoring in fuel cells will present the new modules at the f-cell trade fair in early October.

The IntelliProbe U02 modules do not differ visually from the other CVM modules in the product family for monitoring the individual cell voltages in fuel cells, which are used worldwide by well-known vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers. In order to measure not only the individual cell voltages but also the current flow in a fuel cell or an electrolyser, a two-channel U02 module is added to the classic 10-channel CVM modules. This works by simply plugging it in.

"Thanks to the new U02 module, the two most important measured variables on a fuel cell stack can be recorded by one measuring technique - and absolutely synchronously in time," reports Wolfgang Neu, Managing Director of SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, adding: "This means that cause and effect can be plausibilised in the case of observed effects." In addition, conclusions can be drawn about the internal resistance in the stack.

Another possible application of the new measuring module is the signal acquisition of other sensors. Thus, all physical or electrical variables can be integrated into the CVM system that are recorded via sensors with a maximum output voltage of 5 volts. These could be pressures or temperatures, for example. Here, too, the measured value acquisition is time-synchronous with all other channels of the measurement technology. The two input channels of the U02 module are galvanically decoupled in all directions, so they can be used completely independently of each other. The maximum sampling rate per channel is 10 kilohertz.

The IntelliProbe U02 module is not limited to use in a measurement module stack for voltage measurement on fuel cells. "It is also possible to plug several U02s together and record completely different quantities," says Neu. Due to its high dielectric strength, the module is ideal for use wherever higher system voltages are used, for example in the battery sector. An 8th-order anti-aliasing filter allows precise measurements with 14-bit resolution. The filter can be switched off for transient measurements.



SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is a solution provider for testing automotive control units, electronic systems and renewable energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells. Customer-specific system applications are realised on the basis of a standard programme of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation. Numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers use SMART TESTSOLUTIONS' cell voltage monitoring solutions.

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