Cell Voltage Monitor

A cell voltage monitor is a device for real time monitoring of the cell voltage of lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers and other energy storages. Relevant measured data are especially aging, stack-inhomogeneity and water content of fuel cells. Dependent on the applied cell voltage monitor the cell temperature can also be determined, which is practical particularly for fuel cell monitoring. By means of its multi-channel construction the cell voltage monitor can control up to several thousands of cell units simultaneously.

Cell voltage monitors are either connected directly with fuel cells or integrated in an existing test system. The compact and tough design of a cell voltage monitor makes it perfectly work during in-field use.

Connectivity of a cell voltage monitor

The data of cell voltage analysis, which the cell voltage monitor captures, are either processed directly by the integrated control unit and displayed in real time or transmitted to a computer system by CAN-Bus, LabView or USB connection. Processing and digitalization of measured data in real time has the advantage that disturbances thereby are reduced to a minimum. On the other hand, the transmission of data to a computer system and the application of CVM-software can accelerate the process of data analysis and help to easily manage the configuration of the cell voltage monitor.

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