Battery Test System

A Battery Test System is used to test and optimise electrochemical energy storage devices such as batteries. Battery Test Systems make it possible to document the change in the block voltage of batteries over the entire course of capacity tests. Behind these changes in the block voltage is a natural phenomenon that can be observed in particular at the beginning (so-called voltage sag) and at the end of the discharge process of batteries. In addition, a Battery Test System can also read out further data that provide comprehensive information about the condition and function of the battery. These are charge and discharge current, temperature, cell voltage and total battery voltage.

Software for controlling and logging measured values from Battery Test Systems

A multitude of interfaces allows the evaluation and logging of the measurement series of a Battery Test System in a computer-based application. In order to give the user maximum control over his Battery Test System, such software solutions are used on the one hand for the graphically and tabularly prepared monitoring of the measurement data and inform the user on the other hand about mean values, minimum and maximum values of the voltage measurement. On the other hand, the software is also designed to facilitate the selection of the measurement data relevant for the respective test purposes, so that it ultimately also plays a central role in the control of complex battery test systems.

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